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With our innovative services, you can access a variety of cutting-edge tools to enhance your online presence. Our Free Text AI allows you to easily generate high-quality text using artificial intelligence, while our Free Text Generator provides a quick and easy way to create content without any hassle. Our AI photo and video generators let you create stunning visuals for your website or social media channels, and our AI music generator helps you create unique and captivating soundtracks. Our free AI software and SEO and marketing tools are designed to help you optimize your website for search engines and improve your digital marketing efforts. With our services, you can take your online presence to the next level and stand out from the crowd.

Free Text Generator

Generate high-quality, unique text with ease using Free Text Generator. Our tool uses advanced algorithms to create text that is both readable and engaging.

Free AI Photo Generator

Create stunning photos quickly and easily with Free AI Photo Generator. Our tool uses artificial intelligence to enhance your photos and give them a professional look.

Free AI Video Generator

Create professional-looking videos in minutes with Free AI Video Generator. Our tool uses advanced algorithms to automatically create engaging video content.

AI Free Games

Experience the future of gaming with AI Free Games. Our games use artificial intelligence to create unique and challenging experiences that will keep you entertained for hours.

AI Music Generator Free

AI Music Generator Free is a powerful tool that allows you to create original and professional-sounding music in just a few clicks. Our artificial intelligence analyzes your preferences and generates unique melodies that will take your music to the next level.

Free AI Software

Free AI Software is a platform that provides you with access to a range of intelligent software solutions. Our tools can help automate tasks, provide intelligent insights and simplify complex workflows, saving you time and effort.

Free AI SEO Tools

Free AI SEO Tools is your all-in-one solution for optimizing your website's search engine rankings. Our suite of artificial intelligence-powered tools can help you research keywords, analyze competitors, and track your website's performance, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Free AI Marketing Tools

Free AI Marketing Tools is a comprehensive platform that provides you with all the tools you need to promote your business online. Our suite of artificial intelligence-powered tools can help you create, manage and optimize campaigns, ensuring maximum ROI for your marketing spend.

Free AI tools for everyone on AI4free

It’s almost unbelievable that around a year ago AI seemed like something from science fiction. And now there is almost no sphere or niche which includes work on a computer that can’t be improved by different AI tools. And it’s a choice for everyone - either to accept and embrace it to make your life easier or decline and risk being left behind by others.

However, even though nowadays there is a huge variety of AI tools on the internet, most of them require some sort of payment (either a one time payment or an annual subscription) to use them. Which creates a sort of “pay to win” environment and restricts access to new technologies for certain groups of people.

Use the world of AI to make your work and life easier today

In our team we believe that everyone should have equal conditions in a new digital world. So not only we created and gathered at one place a set of tools, which with the right approach could be used to earn money from ground zero, but also made them completely free for everyone. Here is what you can do with our free AI tools.

With our AI writing tools you can easily generate far more interesting and captivating text than its predecessors. Of course ChatGPT is an amazing tool and it basically became the definition of the “AI”. However, even a paid version of it had some limitations in terms of topics and language. And this is where our AI text generator is more advanced. As it allows you to create any text on any topic within a single prompt. Whether you need to write an essay or a personalized email, come up with a script for a video or create a chatbot, discuss a sensible topic or translate a text to a different language - our AI tools can generate any text you might need and for free

Earlier in the days when you needed some picture for your project or presentation you had to spend a lot of time searching for them on the internet. And if you wanted to edit a couple photos from vacation you had to be either a photoshop master yourself or hire a freelance photo editor and pay him dozens of dollars for it. Luckily we got an AI image generator tool that can now make everything for you. And it’s possibilities are almost endless. From creating a unique picture with a single prompt to making a portrait version of someone's picture - all is possible with our AI photo generator.

If you are a video editor you probably know the struggle of searching stock videos that suits you most. And for a lot of them you had to pay. With AI video generator you can now just create footage yourself and use them in your project completely free, as they are ai generated videos. On top of that, you can edit existing videos with just a couple of clicks, which is not only a huge timesaver, but funds saver as well.

And what video is complete without a background music. Earlier you had to spend endless hours in search of a sample similar to the one you like but which is protected with copyrights. Now you can just create your own one with AI music generator. Just upload an example of a piece of music you like and AI composer will generate the most similar version of it, which could be used in any way without copyright violations. Or you can even compose your own melody of any genre. All it requires is a well described prompt

Everyone does enjoy playing games - from kids to adults. However, a vast majority of games require a powerful PC hardware or expensive consoles. And the difficulty level in those games may be too challenging to just enjoy the game. Luckily, this is certainly cannot be said about Ai powered games. Because not only they offer a fresh set of scenarios and scripts to games, but also they adjust to your skill level creating the most pleasurable experience possible. And you don’t have to own a powerful PC to play them, as AI video games could be launched on any hardware. On top of that - they are free. What’s the better way to relax after work?

We also offer some other Ai tools such as AI Software, AI Marketing tools and a separate one - AI SEO tools. And as you can see yourself - a well planned usage of this set of free Ai tools can help you improve your work gradually or even start your own business. So do not hesitate and try our AI tools for free now, before it’s too late!

Free AI tools - FAQ

Q: Is it legal to use AI tools for my business?
A: Using AI for your business purposes is absolutely legal in any country around the world as our does not have any regional restrictions and by using our free service you are not breaking a law. AI generated content is also not protected by copyrights so you can use for your business without any doubt.

Q: Will I be charged after using the tools on your website?
A: No. Our tools are completely free and do not require any type of payment.

Q: What are the full list of tools your AI4Free offers?
A: On our website you can find: