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Free AI Marketing Tools

What is AI Marketing and how it can boost your online business marketing?

The world of traditional digital marketing has been established for a good while. There are a range of standard tools and tricks, which are used to advertise your brand around the Internet. However, AI development has opened some new possibilities for traditional online marketers and revived marketing tools market a bit. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is used on marketing of both small and large businesses, as it provides some strong advantages profitable for both models. Some of solid advantages of AI marketing tools for online business are listed below.

What can AI Marketing tools do?

The first advantage we can ignore is an ability to make your marketing personalized. Using AI in marketing gives an ability to analyze your client’s data and preferences and create personalized marketing campaigns or creatives, which are going to increase the chosen customer’s engagement. Implementing of such technique can significantly improve your sale, as the technology has already proven itself to be highly effective.

Secondly, it is also worth mentioning that using AI marketing tools can also enhance marketing department’s efficiency. Using AI people can do a range of daily tasks, which overall saves up lots of time. for example, AI can easily handle email marketing, lead generation or segmentation. As it is said, time is money so the AI for marketing technology is useful for any type of online business.

AI can also be used to improve customer experience. By the help of AI you can provide your clients with more relevant customized content, which it made automatically in accordance to customer’s preferences. This can enhance the overall customer experience and lead to overall customer loyalty and increase the quantity of repetitive purchases.

In addition, AI can also provide a marketer with better quality and more up-to-date market insights. Thanks to the fact that AI can analyze large amounts of information instantly, identify patterns and trends that may be missed while human processing and generate a report in a matter of seconds, marketers can easily track all the latest changes on a market and be highly effective in their work.

The last but not the least, money saving is also an important point. By using AI marketing tools to automating tasks and improving efficiency, businesses can save up some money on marketing costs while increasing revenue through targeted campaigns. All in all, AI does not require salary, vacations or social package. At least, AI marketing tools from AI4Free are available for everyone and completely free of charge.

However, if you are planning to integrate AI into your daily marketing activity, you should also take into a consideration a few disadvantages AI may have.

The first disadvantage we should mention is a lack of human touch. Modern AI technology is advanced enough to automate many tasks, but it is still not a real-human replacement. AI for marketing still can not handle a list of tasks and processes, so humanity can sleep peacefully for now.

The second point is data privacy concerns. In its functioning, AI relies on customer data which makes people think about data privacy and security concerns. Every online business using AI marketing tools in their operational processes must build up a proper customer data protection measures to safeguard clients’ personal information.

To sum up, modern AI marketing tools usage may give a strong advantage for a company which implemented it. Before implementing AI into your online business strategy, you should fully understand both pros and cons of it and consider all the risks connected to usage of AI. If you manage to adapt it to your workflow and prevent any risks from happening, your business can get a powerful boost and generate more and more sales. Looking for a way to implement AI into your online business? AI4Free offers a list of AI tools for personal and business use completely for free.